All You Need to know about Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Internet Marketing Technique through which a website ranks higher than the remaining ones when a search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing searches for a keyword. The search results are also referred to as “earned”, “unpaid” or “organic” search results. The web pages thrown up by the search depends upon the keyword relevancy and an algorithm is in place to justify the rank of each result. It is a very complex process and adequate research goes into each search to make it as precise as possible. There are many activities that happen to provide the SEO results which are as follows.

Crawling – Search Engine Optimization involves crawlers or Spiders or Googlebots are software that moves from one webpage to the other. They index each page before moving forward to the next one so that each page is recognized by them for later use. Anyone willing to get pages indexed must run a Spider Simulator to ensure that pages are being crawled and indexed by the spider.

Indexing – In a Search Engine Optimization, after a page has been crawled upon, it is indexed which essentially means that it is labeled and stored in a giant database for a later usage. In the indexing phase, the words and expressions on the webpage are identified with the best description of the page and keywords which help describe them correctly are assigned to the page. At times though, the page might not be described correctly but if some attention is paid to it and minor amendments are made, that might help in the classification and fetch higher ranking.

Processing – After a search is requested on a search engine, the processing happens. It means that the search strings are compared with the indexed pages in the database and depending upon the relevancy of the pages, the result is calculated.

Calculating relevancy – The relevancy calculation in a Search Engine Enhancement is probably the most complex process wherein it searches for the relevant pages in the database from the search strings. The relevancy is calculated by using different algorithms. The algorithms have distinctive relative weights for similar factors like links and metatags which is why the search result for a keyword is more often than not different in each search engine. Moreover, every search engine periodically alters the algorithm. Hence, if a site has to have a top ranking, it must keep up with these changes. Hence, SEO is an ongoing task.

Retrieving – Retrieving is nothing but the displaying of all the search results that has been found out by the search engine during the quest of its investigation. It is sorted according to the relevancy of the keyword and generally we find a lot of results being displayed in the browser for a particular keyword.

We get to understand the steps that are undertaken by the search engine and the SEO entails the usage of keywords which are sorted according to the relevance of the website. Keyword generation and site optimization along with its content is given due importance so that potential customers get to visit the site so that revenue is finally created for the organization.

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