Pool Balls Have Come on a Bit These Days

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Pool balls come in various colours and sizes. The standard sizes for tournament play are 2 inches for English pool and 2 1/4 inches for the American game. There are of course smaller sizes for the smaller tables. Generally speaking the size of balls reflects the size of the table. 1 1/2 inch balls are used in 4 ft tables and 1 7/8 inch balls are used for 5 and 6 ft tables and 2 inch balls for the regulation 7 ft tables for English pool. The 8 and 9 ft American pool tables use the larger 2 1/4 inch balls.http://pool-8-ball.co.uk

The colours of the balls are traditionally reds and yellows, that is to say 7 red balls and 7 yellow balls with 1 black or number 8 ball for the English game which is almost exclusively 8 ball. Indeed for the simple 8 ball game there are other colours like blue and yellows available.

American pool balls are traditionally spots and stripes and numbered 1 to 15. This is to accommodate the other pool games popular in the US like 9 ball and continuous etc. There are 7 solid colours are just that with a red yellow green blue purple orange and brown ball and 7 balls which have white stripes as well so you have red and white, yellow and white , blue and white etc and of course a black number 8 ball, making 15 balls in total.

Now we come to the more exotic coloured balls like “marbellized” which makes the balls look like they are made of marble and fluorescent which glow under ultra violet light and look great in the clubs. But be aware you need an ultra violet light to make them glow. And the ultimate pool ball set has to be the disco pool ball set which flash. They have a sealed in battery and flash when hit, cool eh?

So now you know all you need to know about pool balls, enjoy.

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