Cupcake Decorations For Grownups

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Cupcakes make great party fare and can be designed to appeal to both young and old. While cupcake decorations for grownups may look just as pretty and appealing to kids the addition of alcohol or certain flavors will mean they aren’t quite so tempting to them after all. So put on your thinking cap for your next adult party and make something decadent for your guests.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Recipes are not included as this is more about decorating your cupcakes but I’m sure you’ll have your own favorite recipes that can be adapted.

Pina Colada cupcake decorations are particularly easy. Add coconut rum and pineapple juice — perhaps even crushed pineapple — to the cake mix and flavor the glace icing with pineapple juice and a little of the coconut rum. If you prefer, use a frosting. Decorate your cupcakes with a cocktail umbrella pierced through a piece of glace pineapple and a glace cherry. Maraschino cherries with a little of the stem still on will be very attractive alternative cupcakes little rock ar.

Irish coffee normally has Irish whisky but you could substitute the whisky for coffee and Irish Cream in your cupcakes. Decorate with frosting made with Irish Cream flavoring. Pipe the frosting on the top of your cupcake and dust with a little cinnamon to look like a cup of coffee. Place a coffee bean on the top. If you have any coffee cups or mugs that your cupcake would fit into this would be a particularly nice touch. This decoration idea would be good for many coffee cupcakes. Other flavor ideas are: Caribbean coffee with rum, French coffee with brandy, Mexican with Kahula.

What about savory cupcakes? Many would recoil in horror that the sweet little cupcake may now have savory items added to it. But think of muffins — they are not unlike cupcakes except for the texture. Savory cupcakes could be decorated with cream cheese instead of sweet frosting, topped with bits of bacon, tomato, dusted with paprika. Savory cupcakes could be your starter while the sweet cupcake is a fitting finish to your meal.

Whatever takes your fancy, I hope that this article both sweet and savory has helped to bring some ideas on cupcake decoration to your table to make your next grownup party something special.

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