MRT Station Flood

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On Saturday, October 7 2017 flooding in the MRT tunnels from Braddell to Bishan stations caused a train breakdown along 13 of the stations that the MRT services on the North-South line for a few hours. There is also technical glitch as reported by The Pride at Woodlands MRT. Although some trains along the Newton and Marina South Pier were back up and working about four hours after the trains broke down, some of the lines were still not going to be up and running until the next morning. At 10:45 on October 7, 2017 they updated their Facebook page with this status:


“Train services from Newton to Ang Mo Kio stations in both directions are not available tonight till end of service.

Our engineers are working to restore services for tomorrow morning and will carry out network-wide tunnel checks throughout the night. This is to ensure the safety of the MRT lines before start of service on Sunday.

Free bus and bus bridging services are still available for commuters outside MRT stations from Ang Mo Kio to Marina South Pier.

We are sorry to have inconvenienced you this evening.”


Early on Saturday morning the National Environment Agency issued warnings that there were going to be heavy rain and wind storms over most of Singapore. Around 7:00pm  that night the Singapore Civil Defence Force spoke with people from the Society for MR Radiographers and Technologists informing them that there was flooding in the tunnels. Around midnight on October 7, 2017 an update was given that even though they were using water pumps to remove the water from the affected stations, that there could be delays into the next day. In fact, in some of the stations the water rose more than 30 centimeters.


Although water had pooled in the tunnels during previous storms, this was the first time in recent history that the flooding caused the trains to breakdown. The MRT employees had placed preventative measures in the tunnels to try to prevent a breakdown from happening, but this was proven to be of little help in the area of Braddell and Bishan.


Along with flooding there was a fire spotted by a train captain at Marina Bay station. By the time help arrived, the rain storms and flooding had helped extinguish the fire.


Engineers were deployed to both Marina Bay station for the fire as well as Braddell station and Bishan station to investigate and see if they could figure out a way to deal with the current situation and get the trains running again, as well as try to figure out how to prevent the flooding and trains breaking down from happening in the future. All of the MRT tunnels were equipped with water pumps that are supposed to start working as soon as a tunnel starts to become flooded. Even though this safety system has worked very well in the past, it is unknown why it did not work that night.


Since so many people in Singapore use the train as a way to commute to and from work, there were many people who were stranded at these bus stations who had no way to get to their destination. Uber worked with MRT to help provide rides for stranded people by suspending their surge pricing during that time.

Sports Betting, The Facts Speak For Themselves

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Have you ever been sitting round with some of your friends watching a carrying event on television and thought to yourself that it would be interesting if you could place a bet on the impact That’s when it dawns on you that it would be wonderful to have a physical games making a bet help to show you everything you need to know about making short and easy revenue with your betting sbobet.

Needless to say, one of the fundamental thrust back why a good support is so highly advised is because there are many nuances you need to be taken into attention earlier than inserting your first bet. Not everyone who invests in a exercises betting help is necessarily interested in wagering on carrying events some americans easily have a fascination with the subject. In fact, one of the most popular agencies on the Internet reviews that many clients actually purchase the publications for a friend or loved one who has an interest in sporting events betting.

What you at school need to realize is that hundreds of thousands of dollars are wagered on carrying events every single day. To the volume you have ever wanted to be informed more about getting a piece of this motion it really does make feel to invest in a having a bet guide that will demonstrate all of the distinctive information that you need to make clever wagers that have a significantly more advantageous chance of producing income for you.

Not only can you make a few money through having a bet yourself, but by using the capabilities you’ve gorgeous through a high quality sports making a bet help you can act as an consultant for others and collect a percentage of any winnings that are generated based on the assistance you provide. This is yet another great way to broaden your revenue while the same time doing some thing you most obvious love — watching and analyzing loads of wearing events.

In closing, you owe it to yourself to invest in a extremely good sporting events making a bet guide that will dramatically improve your figuring out of the exercises having a bet industry It will get you off to a fast and financial disaster start that will have you incomes money sooner than you realize. however it all begins with having the right making a bet help

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

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Indian Head Massage works on both a physical and psychological level, the techniques used represent a de-stressing programme for the whole body. By massaging the head and shoulders, energies will become re-balanced and a general feeling of relaxation will be achieved. Indian Head Massage can improve blood flow to the head and neck, which increases the distribution of nutrients to encourage healing throughout the body Head Massage.

Clients come away with a deep feeling of comfort and relaxation. Indian Head Massage works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress. We spend much of our trying to sort things out in our head which leads to enormous stress. Stress accumulates and one day leads to the next with no break from the tension that is building up in our neck and shoulders. The massage can really help to calm the mind and is deeply relaxing. We work with a firm and gentle rhythm to help relieve muscular discomfort and tension. People feel the tension release which calms the spirit and aids relaxation. The treatment also improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking.

The massage usually begins with the upper back, where a combination of deep massage and pressure points help to relax the muscles and to loosen up tight knots. We can use our electrical massager at this point which will help relieve the deep-seated muscles and reduce trigger points. Moving through the shoulders and upper arms further releases the common spots for holding stress and tension.

We continue deeply into the neck where headaches and tension are reduced. Moving up to the scalp, techniques are used that stimulate, relax and revive the whole of the head, increasing circulation and promoting healthy hair. Finally the treatment may include a gentle face massage with techniques that help circulation, skin tone, and sinus problems.

Due to the fact that the positive benefits of the treatment are achieved in a relatively short space of time it is ideally suited to busy schedules. However, it can be of equal interest to anybody seeking an introduction to “hands on” therapy, or to those searching for an alternative to body massage.

The therapy is received in a seated position, which is especially beneficial for those who find lying prone on a couch uncomfortable. IHM can also serve as a comfortable aid to tension relief during pregnancy. Indian Head Massage is a complementary treatment which should not be viewed as an alternative to conventional medicine. IHM does not diagnose or cure, but promotes the mental and physical conditions necessary to foster positive good health and prevent ill-health.

Indian Head Massage has been a very popular treatment at Back to Basics Health Clinic. A 2010 survey of 100 clients at Back to Basics Health Clinic was conducted. Indian Head massage was voted, “Best treatment for Stress”.

Risiko Terkait dengan Arbitrage Sports Betting

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Mungkin Anda sudah pernah mendengar tentang taruhan olahraga arbitrase, tapi jika tidak, katakan saja itu teknik yang relatif tidak dikenal yang mampu menghasilkan keuntungan terlepas dari apa hasilnya terkait dengan acara olahraga tertentu. Dengan mengatakan bahwa, ada banyak bettors profesional yang terbiasa dengan teknik ini, dan tentu saja mereka menggunakannya untuk keuntungan mereka sendiri ketika taruhan Agen Judi Bola Terpercaya berbeda memiliki peluang berbeda, yang terutama didasarkan pada peluang memenangkan pesaing.

Meskipun taruhan olahraga arbitrase adalah untuk sebagian besar mampu menjamin keuntungan, ada beberapa faktor yang dapat secara langsung mencegah teknik diimplementasikan. Demikian juga, faktor yang sama juga dapat membawa risiko tertentu. Mari kita lihat masing-masing faktor risiko ini:

Batas Maksimum pada Taruhan

Beberapa hal yang paling profesional betters setujui adalah bahwa batas maksimum yang ditetapkan taruhan taruhan memiliki kemampuan untuk mempengaruhi taruhan olahraga arbitrase. Sebenarnya, Anda bahkan mungkin dicegah untuk menempatkan saham maksimum Anda saat melakukan arbitrase, dan untuk alasan ini, adalah kepentingan terbaik Anda sendiri untuk memastikan bahwa tidak satupun dari taruhan yang telah Anda daftarkan dalam arbitrase memiliki batas maksimum.

Selain itu, Anda perlu menyadari bahwa semua nilai tukar taruhan tunduk pada batasan saham dalam satu bentuk atau lainnya. Ini berarti bahwa Anda seharusnya tidak hanya memeriksa likuiditas yang tersedia dengan harga terbaik, namun Anda juga harus melakukannya pada harga kedua dan ketiga. Sayangnya, tidak ada yang bisa lepas dari kenyataan bahwa dalam kasus-kasus tertentu di mana taruhan taruhan arbitrase dilibatkan, semua uang Anda dengan harga terbaik akan segera melayang.

Perubahan Harga

Seperti yang Anda tahu sudah tahu, hampir semua taruhan cenderung menawarkan harga yang berbeda untuk berbagai acara olahraga, jadi sebelum Anda melanjutkan dan menempatkan taruhan Anda dalam taruhan olahraga arbitrase, Anda harus selalu memastikan bahwa harga yang ditawarkan taruhan masih tersedia Dengan kata lain, Anda seharusnya tidak sepenuhnya bergantung pada harga yang dikutip di Racing Post. Anda juga perlu mengetahui fakta bahwa harga di bursa sering mengalami perubahan mendadak, dan inilah mengapa Anda harus selalu menempatkan taruhan pertukaran terlebih dulu, sementara harga terakhir.

Pembuat taruhan tidak jujur

Karena banyak atasan profesional dapat membuktikannya, sekarang ini hampir tidak mungkin untuk menemukan layanan taruhan olahraga arbitrasi yang dapat dipercaya. Seperti yang mungkin Anda ketahui, ada daftar situs pertaruhan bengkok yang berkembang pesat, banyak di antaranya gagal menyerahkan kemenangan kepada pemain mereka. Karena ini, sangat penting untuk menentukan apakah situs tertentu menjamin penerimaan kemenangan Anda, dan bila memungkinkan, Anda harus membuat titik untuk membaca ulasan yang relevan mengenai situs yang dimaksud. Hal ini dapat dilakukan dengan memeriksa peringkat dan juga dengan mengunjungi forum, karena banyak anggota forum akan cenderung saling memperingatkan tentang taruhan yang tidak jujur.

Aturan Arbitrase Sports Betting

Dalam kebanyakan kasus, taruhan akan memiliki peraturan dan kebijakan yang berbeda sesuai pertimbangan taruhan olahraga arbitrase, dan tentu saja hal ini dapat mengakibatkan hasil yang tidak beraturan. Misalnya, ini bisa berdampak langsung pada hasil arbitrase yang sedang Anda hadapi, dan untuk alasan ini Anda harus selalu membuat titik untuk memeriksa aturan taruhan sebelum Anda benar-benar maju dan mulai menempatkan taruhannya. Anda juga harus memeriksa apakah taruhan memiliki kebijakan yang sama untuk semua acara olahraga yang mungkin Anda minati.

The Importance of Technology and Technology News in Day to Day Life


21st century is a century of technological advancements. One cannot think to live without technology in this era. From children to youngsters and from old men to everyone; we are using technology in one way or another. Whether it is about turning on your room’s light or moving from one place to another, we are using technology technology news. People living anywhere on earth are using it for their comfort and ease. Apart from the aspect of comfort, one cannot ignore the fact that technology has also increased the performance of daily activities too.

Now you can travel faster and reach your destination in a very short span of time. The same technology is used to treat diseases that were not curable few decades back. Students use it to have the latest information, business corporates use it to make lives better; thus, this is a world of technological advancements and one cannot ignore them in anyway.

In this era, when we are so much dependent on technology, it is important to add here that we also need to keep ourselves up to date. For instance; if you are an internet user for 10 years and have not updated yourself with the latest trends, it would mean you are still not using the technology to its full strength. But how to get those tech related updates?

Many online websites and news agencies have been doing a lot to keep their audiences and readers up to date with the latest trends that are taking place on daily basis. The journey of computer turning into laptop and then iPad is one bright example of this fact.

But have you ever thought why don’t you understand that famous website’s tech news? The reason is that they use very professional and advance language in their news updates. So does this mean that tech related news is not for you? No it is not that! Technology news is for everyone. It is just that we have to find the right website. There are many websites doing this job in a fabulous way, you only need to search more. A good tech related website has all news updates in most simple and reader friendly manner so that even a newbie can understand. It is for this reason that these websites earn a worldwide repute.

Apart from just using simple language, a good website also understands the significance of technology in general and computer technology news in particular.

The writer Ambreen Kazmi has written a number of reports on technology news and world news today. She is also working as a writer for News World Wide.

Cricket, Telecast and Latest Sports News

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The last version of the Champions Trophy witnessed an epitome of drama. In spite of rains confused the video games regularly, the collection did not lose its interest amongst enthusiast who were cheering for their respective home groups. In the end, the World Champions and the at present number one ranked team in the ODIs, team India stood tall as winners of the final version of this tournament.

submit Champions Trophy, the World champions proved their worth yet once more when they conquered the Celkon trophy at West Indies Sport news in EU.

In spite of losing 2 fits back to back, team India made a great comeback and seized the trophy. Looking back at the collection, the team looked in a fix without their captain cool Mahindra Singh Dhoni in a couple of suits. In the absence of captain cool Dhoni, ViratKohli made sure he was the information headlines for his captain give qualities.

With a winning-losing ratio of eleven: Kohli encouraged a few however was still criticized as an immature captain for his habits and his talents of dealing with the team in force instances. even if he made sure India reached the finals from where India’s greatest captain, Dhoni took over. Scoring 15 runs in the last over in a nail biting finisher, Dhoni once once more proved why he is one of the finest finishers of the recreation. submit which former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly hailed Dhoni as one of the greatest ODI gamers in the historical past of the game.

in spite of the fact that, the largest problem each of the this collection was not the climate however the telecast time of the fit in the subcontinent. The cricket lovers confronted time lag complications due to the fact the suit was telecasted late night on-wards. Most of the enthusiast found it difficult to stay awake till late night to watch the whole match.

In such cases, audience who had set top packing containers recorded their fits while others resolution to go online and examine out the fits from the sports activities channel portals.This innovation has modified the viewing event because most exercises information channels have now moved online to cater to the exhibit of their clients and to seize the web area. Popular newspapers have at all times made sure they don’t stay in the back of in the race. Newspapers are consistently made sure that their sports activities content material reaches their viewers earlier than TV channels gets are living.

Why Are Brain Stimulating Games So Important For Kids?


Have you ever stopped to wonder why academic and mind stimulating video games are so important for children? Have you ever puzzled why your children love certain video games so much, however despise others? The reply to this lies with the term cognitive reserve.

Cognitive reserve refers to the brains resilience to neuropath harm. Keeping this reserve becoming and greater all the time can assist boost our mind function and events. One of the finest frequently cited methods of doing this is through engaging in cognitive-rich movements. easily put, engaging in mind video games that stimulate the cognitive purposes continuously is a good method for mind advancement and function lectus caps funciona. This is particularly true for that of children, who have brains that are just arising and normally growing.

gambling certain mind stimulating video games give a contribution to the constructing of our cognitive reserve. Our children are still becoming and their neural system responds swiftly to adjustments. mind stimulating video games will induced their techniques to form new neural pathways, expanding their capacity and potential of the world round them. This will additionally assist avoid the tangling of neurons that invariably stand at the heart of Alzheimer’s disease and other mind associated shelling out. So, subsequent time your child desires to play that sport, connect in! mind stimulating video games are great for the whole entire circle of relatives, and even you could assist augment your mental function.

In order to assist your children get the finest result from the time they spent gambling mind stimulating video games, make sure that the recreation they play can stimulate the five major cognitive purposes such as language, memory, attention, visual spatial talents and govt function. Many education useful resource department and online supplier be glad about a assist of products that can aid stimulate mind function. In addition, the packaging of most mind stimulating academic video games will clarify what age businesses are acceptable for the toy and which class of the mind it allow stimulate.

If in doubt, examine with your local education sport store for assist. They always have a wide variety of parenting and instructor elements to assist spur cognitive enrichment in children.

Online Casino Bonus Tips

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Most online casinos offer you no deposit bonuses to new players. This really is among the very misunderstood bonuses. It’s essentially a habit because nobody will provide you free money without at least making you jump through some hoops throughout the procedure. The thought of this no deposit bonus will be always to receive new players to use out an internet casino. It’s fundamentally the same being a drama accounts but there’s always the small possibility to really receives a commission off.

Lots of new players think that online casinos offering this bonus will last the process provided they remain players. This really isn’t the situation. Nearly every internet casino sticks with all the policy which the bonus is only going to get outside once. There are quite a few other varieties of bonuses which are now actually an excellent thing. First deposit, reload and consult a friend bonuses would be definitely the most usual. Some online casinos will even provide bonuses dependent on just how far you play or in the event that you input certain tournaments.

Online casinos offer you free roster slot tournaments to generate fresh players. These tournaments are offered to both the new and current w88  players. The majority of those tournaments also provide rebuys for a minimal cost. This really is the hook that they utilize to generate fresh players. The point is always to play to get a predetermined level of time and collect as many credits as you possibly can. There’s generally a pioneer board therefore that you are able to tell what place you’re in. The plan, in case you’ve got plenty of credits, will be to learn when to quit playing and let your competitor utilize most of these credits.

Reload bonuses are awarded to players that have previously made deposits. Once they’ve RealMoney accounts put up they have been entitled. Reload bonuses are provided by cyber casinos to maintain their current accounts finding its way straight back again. These bonuses are often offered at slow intervals throughout their day per week. As an instance they can give you A25 % payable bonus on Tuesdays.

The most usual sort of bonus could be the very first deposit or register bonus. This is an added plus awarded to some other player with an online casino. The casinos offer you such bonuses to be able to acquire new players to decide to try out them. They vary anywhere from 10 percent to 200 percent, and with 100 percent being probably the most common. This bonus can be really a game in your first deposit, even however a few online casinos are currently extending the deal on your initial 5 as well as 10 deposit.

They don’t need the overhead that large hotel-casinos together with fronts of workers possess. They could hence utilize this excess profit to draw new players. You would like to make the most with the. Generally the chances at an internet based casino tend to be better compared to at a physical casino. Online casinos also offer their players game and match bonuses. You won’t find anything similar to this at a Las Vegas casino. Whenever you add together the far better odds and also the actual money bonuses it’s tough to win against the worthiness of a online casino.

More Info About Driving Schools

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The driving school may be the sole method that you lawfully and lawfully find out how to operate a vehicle and at exactly the exact same time additionally obtain the best for described as a driver. But until you attend a driving school you need to take into careful consideration a few facets that might assist you in your travels to the motorist’s permit and at precisely the exact same time help you in picking out the suitable school driving school near me.

Before you even start you’re going to get to determine whether you’re likely to wait a driving school that’ll coach you on just how to take care of a automated gear box or even a driving school that’ll educate you on the arts of this manual gear box. In this fashion you an get knowledgeable about the sort of car you might already have dwelling or with the sort of car you’d really like to operate a vehicle in the not too distant future.

Additionally when selecting your driving school you need to carefully examine the kinds of cars which are offered in this faculty. A tiny car will assist you to learn just how to take care of an automobile better, it’s also better to park also it’ll bring lower charges for petrol therefore that you may probably pay less by the conclusion of your afternoon nevertheless most cars now are constructed to be ample and should you’ve got a sedan home and also you also know how to drive a miniature which may not be an excellent combination in the future.

If you’re centered on attending to a school listed here are a number of the hints you need to take under account prior to choosing which school to pick. You want to be certain that the class room has proper centers so that it is possible to figure out how to the best of one’s skills, so you’ve got to be certain that the driving school supplies you every reception designed for many tuition obligations so that you’re insured in the event they make an effort to pull some stunts and request additional money.

Additionally be certain that the driving school you’re just about to wait offers refuge driving classes, tactical driving courses, teaches you basic mechanisms and also at precisely the exact same period is going to coach you on just how to push all times of this afternoon both evening and at the daytime rush and at rain states.

Should you decide on a driving school which will to supply you all these services then you’ll likely don’t have any issues in figuring out the manners of this wheel and you’re in the best path to be a really very good driver.

Exciting New Games in an Online Gambling Casino

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Internet casino games may not always be the same as those being played in casinos based in land. Some of the most favorite casino games are made in versions which are more upfront challenging and exciting than those played in mortar and brick established casinos. Aside from the fact that you can play in the comfort of your home, interaction in an online game is more entertaining because of the latest upgrades in online gaming M88

The casino war, for example, is an online game version of a card game from children’s war games. Moreover, your all-time favorite poker in the internet is still played with a dealer which uses a standard deck of cards dealing with each player. You can give your bets to the cards you have after they are dealt to you. You lose if it is a lower value than the dealer’s. It is similar to poker and interest in the game has surged in recent years.

The more innovative the game is, the more players love it

On a regular basis, players love to have the most entertaining innovative online casino games. Considering that most of them are not really seasoned gamblers, these gaming enthusiasts are basically seeking for games that are entertainingly rational and more technologically advanced products. An online casino keeps offering them novel stuff to keep their interest triggered and players love the stuff as their expectations get exceeded every time.

If you have cards that are of higher value compared to the dealer, you win. There is certainly great possibilities of fun in casino war games in the internet and the promise of luck that lets people’s attention drive them poker playing! The real kicker is when the dealer and you have the same value of cards. You can either go for an all out war or raise the white flag. You can either surrender or fight until you win based on the play you want to have. You can double your bets if you plan to go to war.